Large Group Circuit Training

Enjoy 45-minute high-energy, full-body, and resistance-based group workouts led by a coach. Sessions include a blend of resistance-based exercises and cardio at varying time intervals. You’ll have a team, professional instruction, and burn lots of calories in a short amount of time. Modifications are always offered/available as needed. These sessions are offered in the morning and evening to accommodate your schedule. No experience is needed to begin! We use My Zone Fitness Belts for real-time feedback to engage members to challenge themselves and record their effort output over time.

Semi-Private Strength Training

It’s almost here! In addition to large-group training, you can add a 45-minute strength training package. These sessions focus on core strength and compound movements in order to build strength and muscle. Coaches will be able to offer individual attention to ensure proper form. Classes are private (no drop-ins) and limited to 6 members per session. Our coaches believe that strength training is vital to achieving goals that last in the long term. You’ll find strength training to be an incredible tool for achieving your goals!

Open-Level Yoga

These sessions are curated to bring balance to the body and mind. Join us for a vinyasa, yin, or restorative practice. Invigorate the body with a Gentle Vinyasa Flow to heat the body, strengthen the core, move into backbends, hold balancing poses, and uses breathing techniques to energize or cool the body. Playful movement is encouraged! Props will be offered and no experience is required. Cool the body with Yin, a style of yoga that stretches some of the deepest parts of the body including the joints, ligaments, fascia, and connective tissue. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, much longer than a traditional practice. The goal is relaxation to create space in the whole body and stay connected with the breath. Props are offered for comfort. Many professional athletes utilize yin yoga to balance the strain and effort of their careers.

Yoga sessions can be added to your program package and are available to non-members as drop-ins through the Zen Planner App.